Go West!

Our hunt for better weather continues and we decide to start a BIG drive west, aiming for La Rochelle with a 1 night stopover in between. Our route takes us through some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen on this trip so far; we drive through the Parc national des CĂ©vennes. We drive through mountains and gorges, along rivers and through huge pine forests. It’s a pretty perfect road for a road trip! We don’t stop, however, as the pine forests appear to be covered in nests of pine processionary caterpillar which are poisonous and deadly to dogs.


Our journey continues and we even pass some snowy mountain tops. We decide to head to a place called Uzerche, just below Limousin. After a long days drive, this little town is a lovely pleasant place to stop. The aire is on the river and the town is a lovely, pretty, old town with lots of turrets. We decide to call it the little town of turrets.


After a good night’s rest, we drive on to La Rochelle… And guess what..? We’ve found the sun!


Sitting on the dock of the bay, in La Rochelle

We decide to stay in La Rochelle for a couple of days to enjoy the sun. It’s also really nice to be in a place that’s a bit lively. La Rochelle is certainly bustling. We enjoy some walks to the beach and around the town, looking at the market stalls and shops, and not forgetting the all important ice-cream in the sun.

Two happy campers and a happy camperpup!


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