About Us

An adventure awaits. We’re chasing our dreams, we’re travelling along new roads, exploring as we go and finding a new way of life. You can keep up with us here!

This is the story of how we changed our lives from the social norm & the ‘9 to 5’ to a life on the road; travelling around and exploring new places, and living with less; just the essentials. We are giving up our comfortable life, careers, and a beautiful house by the sea to live in a motorhome.

As I write this, I am at least 30 years off retirement. So how did we manage this, and what will our new life look like? We will share our unfolding story here.

Let’s introduce ourselves first… Top dog and self-proclaimed leader of the pack is Luna, a Jack Russell Terrier girl who’s been with us since she was a little pup. Then there is my husband Stuart. Stuart has had a long career in marine engineering, and more recently as an operations manager for a utility company. Finally, there’s me, Cynthia; I have worked in systems & software engineering, and as a project manager on business change and IT projects.

As you can see, we often identify ourselves by our profession. I remember learning to do this when I first finished my studies and I went travelling in Australia for a little while. Over and over, people’s first question upon meeting me would be: ‘and what do you do?’ expecting an answer relating to a job of some sort.

Well, I didn’t ‘do’ anything as I was travelling, although that wasn’t doing nothing either. Now we have a chance to travel professionally; travel as a job, with the occasional other job on the side.

We have always felt that we are very fortunate to have our lives. Our lives were very normal, and we are grateful. We have our jobs, our health, a lovely home near the sea (with sea glimpses…. when there are no leaves on the trees…), our hobbies, the odd holiday, family and friends. It’s all good, nothing was really wrong to make us question our lifestyle. Well, that was until… August 2015 when we bought our camper…

If I had to pinpoint when things started to change, I would have to say it was when we bought an old Volkswagen T4 van, which we proceeded to convert into a lovely campervan named Seabert. It was during our very first outing in Seabert that a little seed of a plan took hold, a tiny thought really; a blurry little thought. It was something to do with just travelling around in the van, enjoying different sights and exploring. Over the next two years, this slowly developed into our plan for giving up our careers, our home and our steady lives for a life on the road.

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