Our Travel Map

If you would like to keep up to date with our travels and what we get up to, you can view our latest travel map here. It includes all our overnight stops, stuff we’ve got up to as well as links to relevant blog posts, facebook post and photos. It’s a bit like a visual travel guide if you’re planning your own trip around Spain.

How to use our map

The map is really easy to use. You can show the legend by clicking on the icon highlighted in pink (top left-hand corner) in the first image below. Here you can choose to show all, one, or several of the layers of information on the map;
  • Overnight stops (green with a ‘bed’ icon) showing the places we’ve stayed the night,
  • Content links to more information about places, including our blog posts, facebook posts and videos (videos will open in facebook),
  • Our activities (various icons) showing the stuff we got up to.
You can also click on the icon in the top right-hand corner (second image above), which will open the map in full screen in google, from where you can also select items in the legend to show the information you’re interested in. And it all works on a mobile phone or tablet as well. Enjoy!! Happy Travels!