Dorset Dub Fest 2015

Now that we had the van, we wanted to start using it straight away! Unfortunately, it was coming towards the end of the season, but a little bit of research quickly proved we still had a few opportunities to go to shows.

Our first show with our van was Dorset Dub Fest in September 2015. This was at Hurst view campsite, and it was a brilliant show! There had been a bit of rain so there was a fair bit of mud, but we got set up in a little space and met our neighbours for the weekend.

As our van was unconverted, we had brought an airbed along, but it turned out we didn’t have the air stopper for it… It was useless. It was too late to get fixed, so we decided to sit by our campfire, have a few glasses of something and accept our fate and sleep on the corrugated steel.

The next day, our first job was to get a new airbed, but after that we had a lovely time in Swanage. Such a beautiful village. We had a trip on the steam train, ate some lovely seafood and had a nice walk along the quay.

Once back at Dorset Dub Fest, we had a nice walk around the show stalls, and enjoyed the bands that were playing. It was a brilliant first show, even with some dodgy sleeping arrangements, and it left us wanting more.


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