Dubs in the Forest

As summer draws to a slow, and luckily warm end, there was a small local VW festival in the New Forest for us to check out; Dubs in the Forest, organised by members from the New Forest Dub Club and in its second year this year.

The festival is held at Lytton Lawn campsite, near Milford on Sea. It’s a lovely, well-kept campsite with the nicest facilities and lawns I’ve seen this year. The event observes the general campsite rules, which is great as you all have your own pitch and a bit of space, but it means limited tickets, and as such, the event was sold out back in February!

Luckily, as our Seabert has been spending so much time in the garage recently, which happens to be one of the main sponsors, we managed to get a last minute ticket and we could join the party!

There was quite a big group of South Coast Dubbers there, as well as some PKW friends and we were really excited about going. However, on the way there, Seabert decided he had had enough… and stopped… on the A35, about 10 miles away from the festival… Nightmare! He would not come back to live, and all we could do was wait for 3(!) hours for the RAC. Finally, when they came, they couldn’t fix it and they wanted to put us on a truck (after another wait…) but that wasn’t really what we had in mind. We know everyone from our garage was at that festival, so we just wanted a tow there. Turns out RAC man was at the end of his shift and didn’t want to tow us, but in the end he agreed.

So following the most reckless tow roller coaster ride ever (thank you RAC…), we finally made it to the site just after 10pm and got pushed onto our pitch. We decided we had deserved a drink by this point, so we joined the party and chilled out. Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow came and we got our little camp set up. Terry got the diagnostic computer out, and after a jump start, Seabert started straight away without complaint and no faults showed on the computer. Whilst happy Seabert was running, this is also a nightmare scenario as if you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it. Oh well, back to the garage this week for further checks…

For the rest of the weekend, we chilled, had a look around the campsite, saw the traders, listened to the bands and caught up with friends. We also had a walk to the beach with Luna, and I read a book. Bliss!

We had a lovely time, slightly marred by stress about our bus, but we will get it looked at again, and fingers crossed, we’ll be good again by Friday.

Keep on Dubbin’! This show is definitely one to keep an eye on!

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