The Pub with No Name

Just north of Petersfield, as you drive through the beautiful Ashford Hangers, you pass some lovely country pubs, before getting to a small junction with an old pub-sign pole, but the sign is no longer there. That’s when you get to the Pub with No Name.

It is really called ‘The White Horse’ but many years ago, due to feud, the sign kept disappearing, and the pub became known as the Pub with No Name. It’s a beautiful, 17th century inn, with the old original pub room still there.

It is now a Fullers pub, but don’t let that put you off. The food is great, the atmosphere is great and the people are great!

More importantly, there is a field where you can camp! So last weekend, a group of us went there for the PKW Winter Camp.

We camped for 2 nights, from Friday to Sunday. On Friday night, there were 5 buses and a little puck, and on Saturday night there were 4 buses.

It was really great to spend time with people from our local VW club, PKW. We had a lovely dinner in the pub on Friday, followed by a brilliant, but very tough quiz done by Dawson.

On Saturday, several of us had to pop back to Portsmouth for work etc, which was a shame but two of the group managed to lovely walk around the area, which is  nothing short of stunning!

Saturday night was all about the BBQ and campfire, with some beers and ciders, making for a slow start on Sunday, when finally the sun came out! We chilled in the field, had some lovely breakfast before heading home again in the afternoon, ready for another week at work.

Thank you PKW Crew for a fab weekend!!

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