Busfest 2016

Following our little adventure travelling to Busfest, we got in the queue for the site nice and early! We had some good tunes on and were super excited to be there! We soon found our pitch, and got set up quickly.

We were camping with the Liverpool VW Club again and were looking forward to seeing our friends, but they were quite a way off yet. So we chilled out in the van for a little while, as the weather wasn’t that great to start with.

We had a walk around the festival site, and it was huge! Initially, we didn’t even realise how big it was! There were loads of stalls, a funfair and some outdoor stages and some massive indoor stages / areas.

One the first night, we went to see the Michael Jackson tribute act, but it wasn’t that great, and lacking some atmosphere. We ended up at the sheep-shed stage where a Ska band was on. They were pretty good, and lots of atmosphere, so we enjoyed a big boogie around! Following that, we popped briefly into the zombie zone where a band was playing. That was good too, but the Liverpool VW Club do Karaoke on the festival friday’s so we soon returned to join in some of the singing!

On Saturday, the weather wasn’t so good, so we had a fairly quiet day with some shopping and some sitting around a fire. Luckily it got better for the evening, when we ended up watching a band called Devious at the sheep shed. Really good fun!

After a slow start on Sunday, and another walk around the trade stalls, it was time to pack up and start the journey home. Luckily, this time it was uneventful without delays, the RAC or anything like that. Good think too with slightly sore heads and very sore throats from all the singing, a quiet journey was just right.

Another great trip, with lots of great memories! I’m still not decided if I think Busfest is one of the best festivals we’ve been to, I think CamperJam beats it. But it was definitely good, and in a lovely area too!

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