Getting to Busfest 2016

No prizes for guessing what I was up to last weekend… I was at Busfest in Malvern, along with every other VW campervan owner in the country.

We decided to travel up on Thursday night, and we had booked a campsite to stay at. We left at a good time and were on track to arrive shortly after 9pm. All good stuff… that was, until we hit the Cotswolds… They really love a road diversion in the Cotswolds. We were in a diversion, in a diversion, in a diversion, and when it looked like we might be getting out of it, the road was closed… All fun and games.

Eventually, we got to Upton, and we were closing in on our campsite. The satnav was doing a great job showing us the way on dark country lanes, until it sent us down what was nothing more than a single dirt track… There were a few houses, and there may have been a small camping field, but we couldn’t see it… And soon we realised we were a bit stuck… So some van-acrobatics, and a 16,000-point-turn later, we were back on the road, looking for any patch of grass, carpark or layby to sleep in.

We’d passed a pub earlier on, with a big empty carpark, so we decided to try there. Hubster went in to ask if there was room at the inn. It turned out the pub came with a camping field but it was full with vans already. Luckily, the landlord took pity on us (it was nearly 11pm by then), and let us stay in the carpark.

Even better, we could come in for some refreshments, which were much needed! The pub had full toilet and shower facilities which was really great!

The best bit was when we woke up in the morning, and could see where we were. The place was stunning! Big hills in the background, and a beautiful field for camping. It really looked lovely, and if you’re ever travelling that way, remember the Marlbank Inn. Well worth a visit.

We were up and away early, and decided to have a look around Upton, which was beautiful too. We found ourselves a nice cup of coffee, and drank it on the river bank from where we could see van after van making their way to Busfest. It was the most perfect morning, with beautiful sunshine and I will always remember it as I was just so very happy. The picture with this post is the one Hubster took of me, to capture the happy in Upton.

Soon we decided to join the other vans in the queue for Busfest, even if we were still too early (site opened at 10am, we really were early birds!).


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