Fun in the van

Most of the time, when we’re away in the van, we go out and about or sit outside and chat, or maybe read a book or a magazine. But there are those times, when the weather isn’t so great and you may be stuck indoors for the evening, especially if you’re somewhere remote without a canteen, restaurant or bar.

Those are the times when the van can seem too small, especially if you don’t have anything to entertain yourself. We don’t have a tv in our van (yet…), and when we first got the van, one of the first things I did was make sure we have some things in the van to keep us entertained.

A pack of cards was the obvious choice, and then I added Yahtzee, which I love! And it can be played by two people. I also bought travel Monopoly and travel Cluedo. These are less good for two people, but the one travel game I still need to get is travel Guess Who! I love that game! Hours of fun!

Books and magazines are always in the van as well as music, I also have crochet, but that doesn’t help the hubster much. Finally I have some colouring books and pencils. Sometimes, if we’re very organised, especially when it’s early or late in the season, we will bring an iPad with some films or series downloaded.

Just listing these things excites me, and I want to go play with my van toys now, but the truth is that these things very rarely get used because there’s always too much going on. And that’s probably a good thing, especially as we don’t really know any card games…

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