Forging better plans


Sometimes, a little space is all you need to gain some clarity and perspective, allowing you to come up with better ideas and clearer paths to achieving goals and dreams.

Our lovely break to sunnier climes was truly wonderful; we enjoyed sunshine, warmth, food and most of all rest, lots of rest from our busy lives.

We’ve been back a little while now, but we’re feeling refreshed and still determined to achieve a different lifestyle.


We’ve had lots of ideas for a new life before; not all practical and some plainly contradictory… But we’re finally getting somewhere and a real plan is forming.

We’re setting a time frame to save money, get out of the fixed mortgage term and retrain.

I will go back to school part time whilst also working… Hard work but worth it. Hubster might also do some extra training but he’s got lots of practical skills already. We’re working on what he can train in.

When time is up, we should have some money put away, skills for me to start my own business which will be flexible, mobile and should provide some reasonable income.

We will try to change our housing situation to owning a holiday home, which we can let out for income and have booked out for our own use for some weeks of the year if we want it. This way we keep a base, as well as a registered UK address, and hopefully we can get something that comes with storage so we can keep some things for when we stop travelling again.

We will probably also sell our beloved T4 and buy a motorhome instead… We will need space for fulltiming. We will travel around, we will volunteer through sites like Wooff and hopefully I will grow my business.

Hopefully, this way we can live a free life, earn money to live flexibly and earn enough to save for later in life so that we won’t be destitute when we’re old (we don’t have kids and it’s unlikely we’ll have family to look after us).

We also hope to gain skills during our travels to maybe enable us to settle again later on with some land and livestock. This is the ‘future roadmap’ and evolution of our dream.

I know Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans but we’re both super excited as we feel we’ve finally come up with a practical way to make this happen.

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  1. November 30, 2017

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