A different kind of bus

Yesterday we had a trip in a different kind of bus. We’re currently feeling like the luckiest kids in the world , enjoying a Bajan holiday.

And yesterday we decided to travel around the islands using the public transport system, as we do love a bus!

The trip was from Holetown to Bridgetown, and then on to Oistins for the fish fry. The first leg worked fine, no trouble at all. After a bimble around Bridgetown, we found a bus terminal to travel to Oistins.

We waited… And waited… And waited some more. After two and a half hours of standing in a queue, with no water, in 30°c heat, we decided we needed a plan B.

We tried to find other busses , and after asking some directions we found the tiny little ‘reggae’  busses, and got in the number 11.  Well, we actually thought it was full but we were wrong. We were passenger number 15 and 16 and are told to share one tiny seat. Then they let on 4 more passengers!

The music was blaring and road rules were to be broken , and chicken was the name of the game… It was like a deadly roller-coaster ride. This bus also didn’t need to follow a route. If there was traffic, he’d just go a different way.

But after the long wait, we were just happy to be on our way. It was quite the experience!

It was entirely worth it too. We had a great day.

Soon we’ll be on the road in our own van again,  and even here the plotting for a new life continues (one that certainly doesn’t include Bajan holidays).

They showed a TV series on the plane, ‘Abz on the Farm’. It’s a terrible show, but it is very close to what would be our reality, minus the pop star credentials. So the challenge is truly on.

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