Frosty fields

It’s Monday morning, and instead of my usual Monday blues, I’m sat in my favourite cafe drinking coffee with a post-weekend happy glow!

Yes, we went camping! Yes, I got to wake up to a beautiful sunrise.

We had a busy weekend with a birthday bash and  a bonfire night party. First the birthday in Winchester. We were staying in a lovely hotel and had a great time but felt a bit ‘tired’ the next day. So I wasn’t  sure I would be able to convince hubster to camp after the bonfire party, or even that I thought it would be a good idea.

After a quiet day, we decided to pack up the van just in case, and set off to the party. As soon as we got there, we knew we were staying and got straight onto the blocks in a lovely spot under some trees. We don’t have a heater (yet) so we were a bit worried because frost was forecast. We decided to layer up and use our hot water bottles.

We watched the huge bonfire and everyone had brought a firework so there was quite a display. We had lovely food out under the stars. It was a lovely evening. It soon got a bit cold however and people with kids started to drift home. We helped clear up before getting cosy in our van.

We got the bed ready, got our layers on and started boiling water for our hot water bottles. That’s when, after a long season , the gas finally decided to run out. That was that. We would have to make do as we were. Luckily it was fine and we had a cosy night sleep even if it was cold outside.

It was all worth it in the morning. The sunrise was so beautiful, it was wonderful. The field was frosty, there was a wintery glow.

It was just perfect and exactly what I needed. It hit my ‘reset’ button just right and all the stresses from everyday life washed away. I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

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