Campervan blues

It’s Friday, and my facebook feed is full of ladies setting off to VW Camper Chicks camp 2, and I have the campervan blues. Not only because I’m not going, but because I’m not going camping at all, probably.

In fact, we have no proper plans to go camping for months. Even though we have plenty of warm clothes, blankets and such things.

We need to have a sit down and plan some camping. This weekend.

Because I need beautiful sunrises and sunsets over a beach from the back of the van with a hot cuppa.

I need crisp, frosty, sunny mornings and a walk along a river with our lovely Luna.

I need to read a good book in the peace and quiet of the countryside.

I need to have dinner in a cosy country pub with a roaring open fire.

I need to escape the commercial christmas madness and see fir trees in their natural habitat instead.

You never know, we might decide to take the van somewhere this weekend.

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