Southsea Holiday Park

Well, what can I say..?! We have now lived on Southsea Holiday Park for 6 days. It’s not exactly a C&CC club site and it certainly isn’t glamorous. We weren’t expecting glamour, just like we weren’t expecting adventure here, but we did find some of that in its own way. 

The site looks nice enough. There is a tidy-looking field with touring pitches as well as lots of static caravans. There’s a play area and a bar, and it’s right by the beach! Sounds like any other holiday park!

Overall, it’s not too bad. The site is reasonably tidy, the shower block looks like it has recently had a make-over, and there’s easy access to the beach. However, that might just be all the good things I can say about this place, as the shower block is also freezing and often, so is the water! On the bright side, at least it wakes you up!

There are quite a few units parked up on this site for long term stays. Some of the units are HUGE and very impressive. Others are ancient, tiny and have been patched up more times than perhaps they should’ve been.

So far we’ve experienced a ‘midnight police raid’ when several vehicles came to pick up one of the residents who happened to be on our field, 2 pitches away from us. We’ve also spent several hours listening to what sounded like a big fight or argument. It sounds horrible, aggressive and violent, and we start to feel a bit worried. We can’t figure out where it’s coming from and we don’t know if someone is about to start causing serious trouble or damage. 

It made us think that this might not be the right place for us. It seems a lawless, uncontrolled site where anything goes. Our options at this time of year are very limited though, and it’s only for a few more weeks. So we hope for the best and we stay.

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2 Responses

  1. Theresa says:

    Head down to kingfisher caravan park at Gosport really nice site sounds a lot safer and toilet block is basic but clean and hot water just an idea

    • Cynthia says:

      Hi Theresa! I’ll look into it. We’re a bit limited as the husband has to commute to London for a few more weeks so here he’s still close to the station. But it’s worth a trip on the weekend as he could use Fareham Station

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