Camping with an ulterior motive

As our travels are still mostly restricted to weekends, we often find sites that are not too far from Portsmouth to spend the weekend, and as C&CC members we often use C&CC sites.

We’d been looking at Graffham for a few weeks, and this weekend we’re finally booked in to visit. Graffham C&CC club site is situation in woods on the edge of Graffham village, near Petworth, in the South Downs. It’s a beautiful area, with plenty of lovely walks, country pubs, a lovely village shop and Petworth nearby, with Petworth Manor and lots of lovely shops and eateries.

As a C&CC club site, it is unique in its setting, and the pitches are all lovely and individual tucked away in the woods. It’s very pretty and it will surprise you. You can expect all the usual facilities from a C&CC club site except for the grass fields with pitches.

For us, this was a quiet weekend just to relax, read books (me), try to put the hammock up (him, and very funny it was), walk the dog and drink coffee. We had a lovely time visiting Petworth, walking around the Manor grounds and sampling some of the local foods.

We did have an ulterior motive as well. We had recently found out that our application to become C&CC holiday site assistants had been accepted and progressed to the interview stage, and that the interview would take place at Graffham… So we thought we’d do a recce, find out the lay of the land and learn a bit about the site from the current team working there.

It was lovely to meet everyone there, everyone was so nice! It was clear that a lot of effort was going into the site, with activities for children, beautiful flowers and plants to make the site look nice, and very clean facilities.

We’ve got a few more weeks to do research for our interview, so that’s a good excuse to get some more camping weekends in.

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  1. December 19, 2017

    […] interview is at Graffham C&CC club site, which we had stayed at only a few weeks ago. When we were here before, we met Sean & Mandy who […]

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