Joint Job Interview

Today is a big day! Today we have our interview with the Camping & Caravanning Club to become Holiday Site Assistants.

We’re both a quite nervous as it’s clear that the C&CC take their recruitment process very seriously. It all started with a lengthy application form that touches on a wide range of things. If your application form is successful, you are invited to an interview, which is followed by a trial weekend of work at a club site.

As this role would be so very different from our current roles, we weren’t really sure how to prepare or even how to dress for the occasion. We had done some research beforehand, quizzing Holiday Site Assistants on all the club sites we stayed at recently, but still…

Add to that the complication of doing a joint interview. We can both be big chatterboxes, so we have to be careful to let each other speak and not talk over each other.

Our interview is at Graffham C&CC club site, which we had stayed at only a few weeks ago. When we were here before, we met Sean & Mandy who are the Site Managers, as well as Jeanette and Steve who are the Holiday Site Assistants, and we took the opportunity to quiz them about life on site and get any tips for the interview.

The interview was with Sean, Mandy and the Regional Manager Andrew. It took place in a caravan awning, which was quite a novel experience. We had opted for smart-casual outfits, steering clear of corporate-style suits, and stopping short of cargo-trousers, which felt just right.

The interview questions covered a lot around customer service, and working in a team, as well as those tricky standard questions where we have to give examples of how we dealt with certain situations in our current or previous roles.

About an hour later, the interview was done, and we were on our way again. We had received some positive feedback so we were confident it had gone well. Now it was time to sample one of the local country pubs for some lunch and celebrate a little!




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