Rex will go to the ball

This weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating our friends’ wedding. It was in a beautiful medieval farm just north of Bath, called Wick Farm Bath.

Having given up about 90% of our wardrobes, it felt like a little challenge to manage attending a wedding whilst living in a motorhome and still look presentable.

Luckily, I had kept one dress for just such an occasion, although I’d forgotten to keep a pair of shoes to go with it. Stuart didn’t really have anything so we ended up getting some clothes that had been stored already. 

As it turns out, it was all perfectly fine. We were very lucky as the venue had a car park where Rex could stay. We arrived about an hour early so that we had time to get ready, as well as have a cup of coffee.

The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful, with a stunning bride. It was a heart-warming and love-filled day, and we met some very lovely people. We’d had a great time! The venue was beautiful, the food amazing, the band brilliant and the evening snack was Cheese from the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company! (my absolute favourite) Most importantly the lovely couple shone with happiness. 

As the venue was in quite a rural area, having Rex was just  brilliant! We brought our own hotel on wheels. On the way there, we spotted a farm shop and cafe which was perfect for breakfast the next day. Farleigh Farm shop is an absolute gem. 

It was an amazing little road trip and really nice to get off site for a bit. 

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