Longer than ever before 

Last Saturday we surpassed our previous longest stay in the motorhome. We’ve done several tours before but the most we ever did was 17/18 days.

Those tours felt like they went on forever, probably because we were constantly discovering new places and we were having a great time.

Now that Rex is our main home and we’ve been here for a while now, time seems to be flying by!

It’s  fair to say that we’ve been a bit worried about this transition period, living on this site and still working our normal jobs. It includes a very early start for Stuart and a commute to London, as well as making sure Luna is always looked after; doing a puppy school run. 

Luckily, it’s been fine. It’s not as exciting an adventure as touring would be but it is fine. We go to work, we come home, we eat, we do our chores and come the weekend we do fun stuff! So it’s much the same as life would’ve been in the house. Some of the logistics might be a tad more involved but it’s had very little impact. 

There’s still the odd, fleeting moment when the thought that this is it can be a bit scary but mostly it’s an exciting wait for us to tie up our loose ends and get going! Dreaming of those sunny beaches in Spain and Portugal. 

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