Back to Brixham, Brixham by the sea

Aaaahhhhhh, another weekend and what a weekend this promises to be! We set off last night in Rex; we’ve missed going out in Rex! But this weekend we have three nights away! What luxury!

Friday night is a Britstop sleepover at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn in Axminster, where we are the third motorhome in the carpark. We have a lovely dinner before turning in. The next morning, we carry on to Brixham, where motorhome parking is not the easiest thing, but we find a spot by the Battery Gardens on Northfields lane.

We have an appointment to see the house again at 12 noon, so we have time for a walk around the harbour and some breakfast at the lovely Tides Cafe. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning.

We walk to the house from the harbour, and we have a little explore of the immediate neighbourhood as we’re a little early. When we go in the house, we still really like it and it’s perfect for what we want.

After the appointment, we decide to walk to Berry Head, which is on the doorstep of the new house. The coastal path is about 200 meters away. If you go right, you get to St Mary’s and left takes you to Berry Head.

We have a lovely walk with a coffee and cake at the Guardhouse cafe, before wandering back into Brixham for some lunch. We have a lovely day taking in the sights, and we realise we can quite happily live in the house ourselves, as we jokingly plan to take several months to redecorate the house so that we can spend some more time in Brixham.

As it is, our day in Brixham has come to an end. We’re off to another Britstop, The Sandygate Inn in Sandygate. It’s another lovely pub with another lovely meal had.

Tomorrow we travel to Chertsey for the next step towards our new future!

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