Brixham dreams

Our first offer on the property of our choice got rejected. We expected this, so we put in another offer over the weekend, which got accepted this morning!

We’re very excited and have started planning for the new house. We have a lot of decorating to do and we’re excited to get it going and to get a tenant in place.

But before all that, the long arduous process of conveyancing, surveys, exchange and completion. Cue a long list of calls to solicitors, building surveyors and the odd tradesman to get quotes and get everything in place to try to make this process go as smoothly as possible, and fingers crossed nothing happens for this to fall through! Scary times, buying and selling property can be such a roller-coaster ride!

As it is, the sale of our current house is still going through and is in that ‘black hole’ phase where you hear NOTHING. As much as our buyer was in a hurry, even she is at the mercy of the council and their local searches team. So the 23rd (our target moving out date) has passed and we have no dates yet. I’m now thinking it will be mid November before we exchange.

Even so, it’s all systems go! Our house is even emptier now, with 5 more car-loads removed at the weekend with the help of my parents as well who took a car load back to Holland for storage. We’re about ready to move into Rex!

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