Looking forward

Now that we live in a weird, messy, empty house, we’re starting to look forward. We’re getting a better idea of our options going forward and we’re starting to have a more serious look at other houses to buy once we complete on our beautiful blue house.

It looks like there are a few nice ones coming up in our dream location of Brixham, Devon and although we’re not sure we can take time out of emptying our house, we decide to go to Brixham for the day on Saturday to look at a number of houses. It feels exciting and like the plan is coming together.

Stuart does a brilliant job arranging viewings with estate agents, organising the timings etc, and soon we have 7(!) viewings booked in! Hopefully there is something that is perfect for us! We’re looking for something small, that’s nice enough for us to maybe live in one day, and we can let in the meantime.

At the same time, the thing that I am most apprehensive about; camping in the UK in November / December (Brrr, cold) while working full-time (and needing to look presentable) and having family visiting for Christmas, is starting to look more manageable with three house-sitting jobs during that time. Phew!

It means that we might only need to camp in winter storms for 5-6 weeks (depending on when we have to leave our house), and we have somewhere to stay for Christmas when we have family visiting. This is really great, and I am starting to look forward more to this transition period which I have to admit, I was more than a bit worried about.

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