Second thoughts?

Spending a day at home. It is looking beautiful now that everything is tidy and cleaned as it is now a ‘show home’. What a beautiful home we built. Are we really going to give this up? Are we mad? We made this our home from scratch with lots of hard work. We’ve enjoyed searching out unique pieces of furniture from all over the place, old and new, quirky and individual.

One of my favourite things to do in the house, is to sit in the ‘big lounge’ on a sunny winter day, when the sun reaches through the window to my beautiful country sofa, where I can sit with a magazine and a cup of coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet in this beautiful calm room.

The master bedroom is another favourite, almost completely free of clutter and with a beautiful ‘Bella Pieroni’ on the wall, it is another oasis of calm.

There are many, many things I will miss about our home. And I feel sad to be letting go. But I must remember what we will get in return; the freedom to roam the world, live a simpler life and experience something new every day. We’re very fortunate to have this opportunity. But still, I shed a little tear for my dream home as I realise I will probably never have something like this again.

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