For Sale!

It’s official. The house is now marketed online.

After the estate agent’s valuation last Saturday, we decided to progress straight away. The house was valued higher than we expected, and high enough for us to move our plans forward while still meeting our financial plans, so let’s do it!

We’re both really excited! Not in the least because it will mean we can give up work a few months earlier than we thought. No more travel to London every day! And after this month’s failed tube bomb attack, that suits us both fine.

It does make it a bit more real. The sign has gone up. Who knows what will happen next, and how long it will take.

I find myself veering from panic that we’ve left it too late to be ready for April to panic that it will move too fast and I’m not sure how we will get all our stuff sorted out in time. There is a little bit of fear of the unknown, and actually mostly of the transition period, in the back of my mind. But as the dutch saying goes: “de laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst.”. The last bit is always hardest, so push on and focus on the end goal.

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