Smell the butter?

Another weekend has gone by without any camping trips away in Seabert. That’s two weekends in a row without camping, but at least on Sunday we did go out in Seabert. To do grocery shopping… For shame, that is not what he was built for! We did briefly stop at the Eastney Point to watch the tide rush into Langstone Harbour.

It was a beautiful morning, and that’s how we enjoyed our extra hour last sunday. We were up early, and we decided to go and enjoy a cuppa while watching the sunrise over the harbour. It is a beautiful place, and we were hoping to see a seal swim by, but he didn’t.

Safe to say, I’m missing the vanlife! It’s been reminding me of a tour we did of Iceland, chasing the Northern Lights, and the tour guide tried to tell us stories in broken english. She was saying we were getting ‘on with the butter’, which meant to forge ahead, but we only had limited success with the lights that night so she said we only ‘smelled the butter’, meaning we had a glimpse of something that’s much more amazing when you get the real deal.

All my doubts and fears aside, that’s perhaps how we are now with our dreams of a different life. Going out in our van has allowed us to ‘smell the butter’ and now perhaps we need to ‘get on with the butter’.

I’m pretty sure I never expected an Icelandic proverb to help me find direction in life! Now let’s get on with the butter.

PS I’m pretty sure the tourguide did a bit of proverbial freestyling when she came up with ‘smell the butter’. Hahaha, good memories.

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