Emotional Rollercoaster

It’s Monday morning and we’re on the cusp of selling the house. It’s suddenly feeling very scary again…

We’ve just spent a weekend camping in Horsley, and had a lovely time. For me, it was a timely reminder of why we’re doing this, and a re-affirmation that this is what I want. Yet, speaking to the estate agent today, and realising that not only could we agree to sell the house today, but we could be out of it by the end of October, I now have a funny feeling in my tummy.

The nerves are probably caused more by how quickly things are happening. The end of October, that’s only 5 weeks away! I will have to give up almost all possessions within 5 weeks. I will have to sort through every little item in the house to decide what to do with it, or if it is something important that needs to be kept or stored. Time is also running out to sell more stuff. It’s time to start doing rock-bottom prices unless we give it all to charity.

And then my thoughts move to the normal ‘house-move’ chores, like address changes. I need to make lists, lots of lists. Who needs to know a new address? And what should that address be?

And work!?!! I need to figure out work. And where will we stay while we work out our notice. And we were supposed to see a financial advisor before we went. What do we do now? The only answer I can come up with are ‘lists’. And have faith that it will all work out.

All the while my tummy is doing somersaults. And we’re due to go away for several days the day after tomorrow. It’s all happening at once.

What’s making it extra nerve-wracking, is that the estate agent has advised us to sit tight a little longer. It seems he’s starting a bidding war between interested parties. I would’ve told him to agree the sale this morning. But then an extra bit of money would come in handy in our new reality…

So I sit here, at my desk in the office, and I struggle to focus on the tasks at hand. My nerves have taken over and I’m itching to phone the estate agent back to find out what’s happening. It’s hard to motivate myself when I know I have so much to do to sort ourselves out, but my professional reputation is important too, so I try and I try to keep everything at work moving along.

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