All systems go!

The phone finally rings. It’s only half past two in the afternoon. Leon, our estate agent, sounds very neutral. I can’t work out if it will be good news or not. He tells me about the different interested parties. Of course I’m interested to hear, but let’s get to the point! I force myself to listen patiently. Leon tells me all interested parties have offered what they want to offer. Three offers on the table plus two more but those parties still have a property to sell. One party has indicated they may be willing to offer more. One party is cash and wants to move within two(!) weeks. What do we want to do?

Well, the decision is easy to make. We may not be able to move within two weeks but we will go with the party wanting to move quickly.

I think we’re in shock! I think we can’t quite believe it! When we both get home, we’re both a bit speechless. We agree to aim for a 4 week process. Leon has emailed forms for us to fill out and we have to engage a solicitor. We get the forms completed straight away, as we’re off to the Netherlands later this week for 5 whole days! Secretly, we’re both thinking that that is 5 days we can’t work through our stuff to get ready to move out… But it will also be a really nice break to catch up with family and do fun stuff.

We make a plan to tackle the work when we get back. Time to let people know that we will want to arrange for the furniture to go soon. Time to sort through a mountain of paperwork, time to sort out the travelling wardrobe. Time to figure out how and where we will live while we work out our notice periods. Time to figure out how to tackle Christmas when we have visitors and nowhere to live…

We’ve got this!

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