One of our favourite local haunts

In the name of research, and also because it’s one of our favourite places, we decide on a weekend in Salisbury, as it’s not far to drive but it always feels like a world away, plus we can take the opportunity to meet up with some good friends.

There is a great C&CC club site situated next to the rugby club and just under Old Sarum, a place of magnificent history! It is also an easy walk/cycle into the town, with its lovely shops and historic architecture, along the river Avon where I have previously spotted a beautiful Kingfisher bird.

Old Sarum is often overlooked in favour of Stonehenge, which is of course magnificent and not to be missed, but Old Sarum is certainly worth a visit as it carries a great story of history and the creation of Salisbury today.

We explore the town, sample some of the delights on offer in the town square, and enjoy our walk along the river. We visit the cathedral and relax in the park outside. The weather this weekend is absolutely glorious and very hot so plenty of refreshments needed, and some extra precautions to keep Luna safe and comfortable as well.

In the evening, we meet up with our friends. We have decided to have an al fresco evening picnic on the Old Sarum hill while watching the sun go down. It’s absolutely lovely, certainly one of those evenings that you remember for a long time.

Salisbury, we will be back again soon!

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