After several weeks of waiting, and not knowing then the house sale might go through, we finally got the news last week that we were ready to exchange contracts on the house! What a relief!

We’ve spent the weekend finally taking the last bits out of the house, and now the work is done! The house is empty, clean and ready for its new owner. We moved out last weekend, and briefly stayed at Stuart’s sister’s house, before moving to the campsite last night.

On the day of completion, we go to the house early in the morning to give it a final check, leave the keys and mostly, to say goodbye. It’s a sad moment, with lots of lovely memories popping up like coming down the stairs in my wedding dress to meet my dad at the bottom of the stairs, or having BBQ’s in the garden.

Last night we moved into Rex on the local campsite. It’s really brought home what we’re doing and I felt scared, and overcome with doubts. This is it! Did we do the right thing?

I drive past the house twice in the afternoon, to see the new owner moving in. I feel like some sort of weird stalker. It’s no longer our house. Time to move on.

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