Bug Jam 30!!

The hubster has been excited about this one for months and months! And finally the weekend was here; Bug Jam 30!!!

I’d heard a lot of stories about this festival, and I was getting a little more nervous with each story told… We were camping with Portsea Island Dubbers, and went up in convoy with 2 bugs, a squareback, a little lupo and our van.

The Festival line-up looked really great! Another Bowie tribute, Amy Winehouse tribute and the original Scouting for Girls! I’d seen them before and was super-excited to see them again!

Once set up, we had a walk around the festival. There were two big-tops, an outdoor stage, lots of stalls and of course the race track. The first night was all about David Bowie. It was a superb performance! That was followed by some northern soul in another tent.

The following day, we watched the monster trucks, the car stunts, the jet car, lots of drag racing and my personal favourite, the super bikes! They were truly awesome! The evening was all about Scouting for Girls who put on a great show! And I just want to see them again now. The hubster and I are still walking around singing their songs now.

I’m really glad we went! Next year we will probably go back to Santa Pod but not sure yet if it will be for Big Bang, Bug Jam or VW Action.

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