South Coast Dubs

One of our local VW clubs is South Coast Dubs which covers a large area on the south coast, for VW enthusiasts and clubs in the area. They organise monthly evening meets, monthly camp-overs as well as event club pitches. They also provide a network of more local clubs and it’s a great place to meet people.

We joined the club earlier in the year, and we’d been to a few meets before, but we hadn’t yet joined a camp-over at the West Meon hut near Petersfield. But in July, we had the weekend free and decided to go.

At first, it wasn’t clear there would be many people there and I was getting a bit worried that we would be the only ones there, but on the day the vans just kept turning up!

There were so many vans, it almost looked like a mini festival.

We had a lovely night, chatting to friends, sitting around the fire and looking at the stars. Another successful trip in the van.

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