Van travels

December madness is descending upon us, and along with it busy weekends and the 12 days of Christmas, or is that the 48 days of Christmas? In any case, it’s a time for family get togethers, tinsel and jingle bells.

Our plans mostly involve a VW charity Christmas grotto and a Christmas party for dogs. Our little VDub dog loves her Christmas party with a three course meal, and she usually manages to eat everyone else’s too.

While all this is going on, we’re also planning lots of trips for the year coming up. We’re hoping to do an epic European roadtrip, as well as an equally epic UK roadtrip, possibly including the NC500. We get so excited about it, we can’t wait.

But there are more pressing matters. We still need to decided on our camping plans for this month. And our weekends are filling up fast… I might have to make a case for some camping action this weekend in between all the other things we’re doing. Or maybe next weekend, before our puppy’s Christmas party. Or maybe a single night trip after that, in between family Christmas get-togethers.

We will be hunting out good camping spots for winter camping, so any we find, I will report back on. Bring on the huge stack of blankets, hot chocolates and big steaming mugs of tea in frosty fields.

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