A cuppa and a catch up

No big trips, day trips or camping this last weekend, much to my disgust! All week long, I’d been watching the vans drive past the office on their way to V-Dub Island on the Isle of Wight. I really wanted to go too, and even got offered a ticket at the last minute, but with the storm forecast, and the hubster with other plans, it wasn’t to be.

So instead, my lovely VDub dog, Luna and I went on a very small trip to the top of Portsdown Hill. We took a little drive, and parked up by Mick’s Monster Burgers. I had made sure we had some treats for both of us, as well as some water for tea and puppy-drinks.

It was stormy on top of the hill, but overall the weather wasn’t as bad as predicted all weekend. We had a bit of a walk around, played a little bit of Pokemon Go and Luna caught an Eevee, after it jumped all over her…

I had cups of tea and chocolate hobnobs in the van, and I finally updated our little travel notebook.

We ended up hanging out on top of the hill for about 5 hours! It was really quite late by the time we got home, but we had a lovely time and Luna was properly tired after all that.

It was the first time I’d gone out in the van without the hubster, and it was really nice. Not sure I’m brave enough yet to camp on my own, but it was certainly a lovely afternoon!


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