VDub food

To stay with the topic of food and cooking a little longer, one of the busiest threads I see on forums are about recipes and cooking methods. So there’s clearly plenty to say about this topic.

As I said in my previous post, we started with the most basic cooking facilities, but we would always prepare a chilli con carne or a bolognese beforehand, so that we could just heat that up with some boiled rice or pasta.

Of course, the other easy dinner option is the good old BBQ, burgers, sausages, chicken, some rolls and salad and hey presto! Dinner is served.

Breakfast can simply be cereal or yoghurt, or toast (we did get a little toaster burner to go over the burner but it takes too long for me…), but nothing beats a bacon butty, or if you have the facilities, like a Cadac or simply a large pan over a burner, you can cook up a full fry up outdoors. There’s nothing better than that really!

We stocked up on ‘boil in the bag’ rice (fuss free), pots of sauces like Uncle Ben’s ‘sweet & sour’ chicken, pots of pasta sauces, and the all-time favourite; hotdogs! Easy food!

But as our cooking facilities grew (and keep growing…), we wanted to take on the challenge of ‘camping haut cuisine’… Well, maybe not quite Haut Cuisine, but certainly pizza on the Cadac. And we’ve been gathering one-pot recipes that are slightly more exciting than a stir fry or a heated pasta sauce.

I won’t turn this into a foodblog but I will share some of our one-pot finds with you every so often.




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