VDub Cooking

Food is pretty much always on my mind… No point denying it, I’m a food-aholic… Quite possibly, I should see someone about that.

When camping, food becomes even more interesting because you can be limited in what you can do, unless you’ve built in a full range kitchen, you’re mostly likely left with a 1 or 2 burner hob inside your van, which you don’t really want to use because of food smells… Well, that’s what many people say, although I don’t really mind… Except for bacon, that’s banned from being cooked in the van.

So cooking solutions are often a top topic on any camping / van forum.

We started out with a Trangia meths burner to cook on. We make big chilli’s or bolognaise at home, and then reheat and boil some rice or pasta. We also have a little coal BBQ for the obligatory campsite sausages and burgers.

Once the van was converted, we stopped using the Trangia as we have a 2-burner hob now. Hubster has also been talked into get Cadac Safari chef, the little one as it’s only for the 2 of us. I really like that as it means we can now cook pizza when we’re away. To me, that was the only thing missing.

So now, we have a 2-hob burner, a coal BBQ, a Safari chef, and I’m reading so much about a Ridge-Monkey that I might just have to get one… We’re collecting plenty of 0ne-pot recipes as well, that are easy and quick to make, so I will share some over time.

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