The all important Vdub van name

Every VW camper has to have a name. It’s an unwritten rule. I think it’s because the van is part of the family. It’s no different for ours, although as it can sometimes happen, we struggled to pick a name.

We knew we had a lovely blue van, and that we wanted a beach or seaside theme for it, and we wanted the name to reflect that. So initially, we called our van Pebbles, like the pebbles on the beach. We were quite happy with that except for the Flintstone connection…

When the van came home after having all the bodyworks done, I realised that Pebbles really didn’t quite suit as a name, as the colours very strongly reminded me of a cartoon I used to watch when I was little. It was about a little baby seal who was working with some kids to catch the evil seal clubbers. I used to love that cartoon as a child.

So after careful consideration, we decided to rename Pebbles to Seabert. We have added some toy seals to the interior and had a flag made, as well as a screen cover.

I think really though, our van’s full name is Seabert Pebbles. That’s allowed, right?


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