Keeping the T4 on the road…

This post has been sat languishing in my drafts for a while, but today is the right day for it. A reminder that it really all is worth it…

Since we bought the van, about a year ago, we’ve done a lot of work to it to get it to look nice and to hopefully keep it running smoothly without too many issues.

Earlier this year, on our way home from the Gower, we noticed some problems with the gears. We got it looked at and BAM! New gear box required. For those in the know, that’s not cheap… But ok, let’s move on. Plenty of good trips to come. We’re also aware of an oil leak. Fairly typical on a T4. We’ll get it fixed when the van goes in for its service and MOT.

Well, that happens to be this week… I’m not really sure what the garage have done yet, we’ve not had the full conversation yet, just a few messages but… The van failed the MOT… The oil leak may be caused by the oil pump, and we don’t know yet what else is wrong with it… Could really do with winning the lottery right now…

So fingers crossed for our beautiful little van please. Let’s hope there’s not much more wrong with it and we can soon be on our way again without having to sell the house / remortgage / take out huge loan to keep it on the road.

So to cheer this post up a little bit, an image from the lovely Kite Festival in Southsea last weekend. No one wants to see a picture of an oil stain after all…

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