The Long Drive

Our first trip abroad was shortly after Brighton Breeze, taking the van on the tunnel to Amsterdam. We were so excited that we decided to leave far too early. Our train was booked for about 10:30 am, but we left around 7pm the night before… We got to Folkestone around 10pm. We meant to have a look around and then find a hotel in Folkestone, but it turned out that once you’re in the eurotunnel area, you can’t get out…

Initially, we couldn’t get an earlier train without paying big bucks, so we settled for sleeping in the foyer… We didn’t bring an airbed or anything in the van. In the end, the lady saw us getting settled and took pity. We were allowed on the 1am train.

The train journey was quite eventful in the end, with lots of refugees around the trains and on the tracks. It was very sad to see. Even more sad when we learned later on that our delayed train was caused by a casualty.

Once across the channel, we made good progress to Amsterdam. We had a brilliant time and the van did us proud both ways. We really enjoyed travelling further afield, and Amsterdam was great!

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