Now that we have a T5 camper again for our weekend trips, we’re keen to get out and about so we go on a ┬ámini adventure to a pub stop in Rye, by the famous Camber Sands and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. We’re looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxing, reading, photography, walks and discovering the village of Rye.

The pub is the William the Conqueror pub, situated in the harbour by the RNLI. They accept small campers to stay in their carpark if using the pub. As the pub is really lovely, that is not a problem for us. From the pub it is only a short walk to the Nature Reserve and Camber Sands is just on the other side of the harbour entrance. We set off towards the nature reserve and enjoy a nice walk with some beautiful sights.

Luna has a great big run, falls in a few rock pools that are deeper than she thought, Stuart does his photography and I have a nice walk before heading back to the pub for a drink and to read my book for a bit. Stuart joins once the sun has set, and we order some food. The pub does beautiful home-cooked food and we both order the lasagna which is quite possibly the best lasagna we’ve ever had. We have a few more drinks, chat with some of the locals and have a great evening before turning in for the night. The tide is just coming in and with it come the fishing boats, sending us to sleep with the slow sounds of their engines in the harbour.

The next morning we start by making some coffee to sit and enjoy by the water’s edge as the sun is coming up, a little slower this end of summer. As we sit and watch, it’s not long before a group of seals swim into the harbour, looking for their breakfast. We watch them for a while, enjoying our coffee, before we go looking for our own breakfast. Luckily there is a little cafe right by the pub and the RNLI, which came highly recommended by the lady in the pub, so we head there and have what is indeed a great breakfast!

Safe to say, we think this is a brilliant pub stop over, and we recommend highly! The carpark is not big and can only cater for van-sized campers really, but it’s a great place to spend a night.

After breakfast, we go into Rye for a walk around. We’re very lucky to find that the Rye Festival of the Sea is on. This includes a raft race on the Salts and a festival area on the town quay. It all makes for a great atmosphere and lots to see and do. We really enjoy watching the raft race, which is really funny and involves plenty of people falling into the water.

Next is the walk through the town itself. What a beautiful place! The cobbled streets are lined with ancient cottages with tiny doors and wonky walls. We visit Ypres Tower and walk through the ancient Rye town gate that used to be part of the city walls. The sun is shining and it really feels as if we’ve travelled back in time.

We’re thoroughly impressed with Rye and we decide to see more of East Sussex, especially 1066 country, but for now our time is up and we have to head back to Canterbury. We take the long way back, via Camber Sands and Dungeness. It’s been a brilliant weekend! We’re already looking forward to our next trip out.


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