Flip-flop Shop


Here it is! Our Flip-flop Shop!

It’s taken some time and hard work, but at last our shop is live! The Flip-flop Shop will sell images taken on our travels, professionally printed on good quality photographic paper. Maybe we have an image of a place that holds special memories for you? Or an image simply captures your imagination perfectly? Well, here is your chance to grab a copy for yourself.

When we first started planning for our journey, both of us trained in something we could do on the road. One of those things was photography.

Our journey has known many twists and turns since those early days. We’ve enjoyed our first long European Tour without too much distraction in the form of work and we’ve been focussed on our work as campsite assistants during summer. But we’ve never lost sight of our original plan and Stuart in particular has continued to work on the photography, developing new skills, learning and creating beautiful images.

This is what our Flip-flop Shop is all about. Stuart’s images made in print on quality photographic paper in various sizes, as big as 30″ by 20″ (76.2 by 50.8 cm). We’ve found a quality printer to make our quality prints and who posts them very securely so they reach you safe and well.

Our website has no external advertising, we don’t get paid for the number of clicks on our website or for the number of visitors and we have no sponsors for our journey, so we’re simply doing this for ourselves. We’re hoping it will help the website pay for itself so that we can carry on sharing on stories with you here.

So have a look for yourself, see what you think and let us know! To celebrate the launch of our shop, there is a competition on our Facebook page where you can win a print!

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