Decisions, decisions

It soon transpired that the lining was the easy part… Next we had to decide on the interior lay-out, units, bed/seats, cab seat option, electrics, fridge, kitchen set up, gas… All of it!

So many options!

As a result, the first few months of 2016 were taken up by us driving around various places to look at units, beds, and conversion companies, as well as countless hours searching the world wide web for the best possible solutions…

We decided we wanted plenty of bootspace, to accommodate our iSUPs, so perhaps a platform RnR bed would be best, although that meant we cannot legally carry passengers in the back.

Furthermore, we wanted to at least have the option to cook and wash inside in case we go on longer trips, winter trips or we just end up in a rainy place somehow, so a double hob and sink were required.

For the longer trips we also decided on a proper fridge/freezer, along with 240v hookup and inverter.

Finally, space is key, so a 360 degree swivel base for the double passenger seat to create more space.

We found a great garage to do the work, including the upholstery, and at last the van went in for the big job of the conversion and full bodyworks in March 2016.

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