The Big Make-Over

Finally, it was time to get the interior fitted in the van. It also needed a fair bit of love on the outside, so we dropped it off and said good-bye for several weeks.

Well, not really… We went to visit almost weekly to see how the work was going.

First the outside got cleaned up, and all dents and scratches removed. Followed by a full body spray. It was like the van was in ‘van-spa’. We had decided to keep the original blue colour of the van, as we really like that colour. But we wanted something to make it a little bit more special..

The van had cream surf decals on when we got it, and although we had those taken off for the full body works, we did really like the colour. So we had a paint done to match the cream, and we got bumpers, handles and various bits done in cream.

When we finally saw the van fully painted, we absolutely loved it! Couldn’t be more pleased.

Next was the interior. We had finally decided on a unit from Evo Designs. The van is LWB, so we had a little bit of extra space for storage. We got a platform bed from Volkswares, where we could store the iSUPs underneath. We got a ToC swivel base for the double passenger seat, and the garage arranged for our upholstery to be done.

Finally, on the 26th of April 2016, we got the van back. It looked amazing!! We were so pleased. Now the adventures could really start!!

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