Wintry Witterings

Last Sunday, Seabert took us to the beautiful Witterings for a wintry walk along the beach. It was a stunning, sunny, crisp day. One of those perfect winter days, very cold, clear blue skies and that magical light you only get from the low sun.

A breakfast stop was needed first, as we had set off very early before anything local was open. We found the perfect little cafe, Drift-In Surf Cafe, which is attached to Wittering Surf. They catered to my food-heaven with cheesy pancakes, so I was happy. And they did coffee, which was needed.

Shortly after, we set off towards the beach. If you’ve not been to the Witterings, it’s definitely worth a visit. From East Wittering, there is a path past many lovely beach-side properties towards West Wittering, where the beach becomes wide and sandy and beautiful. It’s a lovely walk, it’s dog-friendly, although that may be a winter-thing only.

You can walk for hours, and although we hadn’t planned to, that’s exactly what we did. We even tired-out our little Luna who had the best time ever running around on the beach and playing with other dogs.

On our way home, we spotted a motorhome sales… Well, we just had to stop and have a look. Purely for research purposes only of course… They had some really amazing motorhomes, which all came with pretty big price tags, but there were one or two medium sized motorhomes which would work well for us, and wouldn’t be prohibitively expensive if it’s a few years old.

So we got all excited, and are focused on planning and getting everything in place now. But before that, we’ve got plenty more adventures to come with Seabert!

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