Pub Camping

It was a grey, wet and miserable day last Saturday, but we decided to go camping… Not quite in the same way as we do in summer, but still, we packed up the van and set off.

Rather than sit in camping chairs in a field, cooking food on the cadac, we drove around Motorhome sales places to look at what we might like to get one day, before heading to a pub we found on the internet, with a field where they allow you to stay overnight as long as you use the pub.

There are quite a few of these pubs around, and I think we will try out quite a few of them over time, but this was our first trip, if you don’t count our PKW camp at The Pub With No Name in Petersfield.

The pub is called the Fox & Goose in Greywell, near Hook. It is family-friendly and dog-friendly. It has a large wood burner for cold wintry days. It does good food too. It’s a lovely old pub, and the bar area felt really old, like a 17th century coaching inn, with big beams in the ceiling.

The staff were very welcoming, and explained that it was fine to stay overnight, that there was an outside toilet which they would leave unlocked for us, and looked after us with drinks and dinner.

We had a nice few hours in the pub, and a very good meal, while we studied all the motorhome brochures we collected that day. After dinner we went back to the van, to watch a film (read: fall asleep while film played). Luckily it wasn’t cold and it didn’t rain too much, as our tailgate seals are still a bit of a problem.

The next morning, we got up, had a cup of tea and set off home again for various social commitments like the doggy day-care christmas party, and a baby-shower.

It’s nice to go out in the van and see new places. Sunday was a lovely day with a beautiful sunrise over the fields, so it was a shame we didn’t have time to go for a walk and explore more. We might just have to go back one day.


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