The 2017 VW Calendar

At the turn of the year, it’s time to look ahead to plan the new year’s VW events with Seabert.

The past year has been amazing, with lots of great trips (see just about every post on this blog). We’ve been to 9 festivals, from the big events like Camperjam and Busfest to the smaller ones like Hurst Dub Fest and Dubs in the Forest to one-day events like Beach Buggin’ and Endless Summer.

We’ve been on long weekend trips away, to beautiful places like Cheddar Gorge and the Port Eynon in the Gower. And we’ve had brief trips to places like Salisbury/Sarum, beautiful Norfolk, Swanage and Charmouth. All great memories!

For the new year, we have at least 2 fairly epic road-trips planned, which we’re very excited about! But that means we have little leave left to do other things. However, we’re determined to still do plenty of fun stuff. So we’re looking at some smaller events this year.

Maybe we’ll go to Grill ‘n Chill in Kent this year. And also thinking of the OktoberFest near Dartmouth. I’d also love to make it to Cornwall this year. It’s a place every campervan has to go at least once. Maybe VanWest, or some others… So many to choose from.

We will have to get the calendar out again, and plan the year to come. We love making plans! It’s going to be good again!


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