Roadtrip to Keswick

Our first ‘real’ trip in Rex is to the Lake District. Stuart is going to a stag do and as he’d already said he would go in Seabert, I decided that Luna and I could go too and go for walks and boat trips on the lake.

We booked into Derwentwater C&CC. It’s a lovely small and well-kept site very close to Keswick C&CC, but Derwentwater isn’t direct on the water so it doesn’t flood like Keswick C&CC does.

After a long drive up with an overnight stop at a motorway services, we arrive in Keswick. Stuart helps get Rex set up, and we put some water in. This becomes my first lesson. 100 liters takes a long time to fill… and just filling up a little will see you run out quickly, especially as the system starts beeping well before you’re actually empty.

Stuart sets off to his hotel and Luna and I get ourselves sorted. We’re very lucky as the weather is absolutely beautiful. It had been snowing, so the mountains are all covered in white tops, but the sun is shining in a clear blue sky and it’s pleasantly warm.

Luna and I go for a little walk and explore the area. There’s some lovely walks by the lake, and the town is lovely too. It’s quite busy. I guess the lakes are busy all year round. This is my first ever visit, so I’m very excited.

We end up going for a boat trip on the lake while the sun shines. The lake is like a mill pond, and we hop on and off the boat as we go around. We walk a bit and we get the boat again. We have a great day out.

Staying in Rex without Stuart is a bit odd, but we have a lovely and relaxed time. On Sunday it’s time to go home again. Stuart comes back to the van looking a bit worse for wear… He’s had a great time climbing and hiking and doing some extreme adventure trail, followed by several beers.

As he’s feeling a bit tired, he drives us out of the town, but soon it’s time for me to pull up my big girl pants, and drive Rex, huge great big Rex, all 7.35 meters of him, back from the Lakes to Portsmouth. The journey passes without hiccup and I’m pretty pleased with myself for clocking up some 265 miles driving our new van.

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