Brighton Breeze 2016

As the festival season draws to a close, we got ready for our last big event this year. It was time for Brighton Breeze!

This was our 2nd event with the bus last year, and it’s one we really enjoy, so we were very excited, although I was also getting quite stressed as it was my job to drive Seabert to Epsom on my own on Friday, and following his performance the week before, I wasn’t feeling confident.

Luckily, Seabert did a great job and I made it to Hook Arena with no trouble at all! I got us all set up and settled down with a book and a drink, in the sun, to wait for the hubster and our friends from Liverpool.

Soon I got chatting to other van owners who were turning up, and that’s how we met Andy with his beautiful splitty.

The weather was beautiful, but as night fell, clouds started threatening. For a short time, it seemed like it was really going to pour down, so we decided to rig up a tarp between two vans to give some cover. We ended up sitting in a really cosy makeshift ‘room’ warm and dry, even if that big downpour never did materialise…

Brighton Breeze means a very early start on the Saturday, so around half past 6 we woke to the sounds of air-cooled engines starting to move. We got up quick, and got ready too, and were in the queue to set up well before 7am. Some of us feeling more awake than others…

On the drive down to Brighton was were things went wrong for our Liverpudlian friends last year, so we all kept everything crossed to hope that both vans would make the journey this year. Luckily we did!

We got parked up on Madeira Drive and had a look around the vans before getting into Brighton to try to hide from the rain that very definitely did pour down that morning. It was the first time in Brighton for our friends, so we made sure we saw all the Lanes, as well as the Pier. And as the boys both fancy themselves mods, we also visited ‘shag alley’ from Quadrophenia. Good times!

Soon it was time to go to the racecourse for the saturday night camp. A different racecourse this time, and in my mind  better one, although if I’d known it had moved because Basement Jaxx was playing at the other racecourse, I might’ve gone there anyway.

But this place had great facilities, including showers so that was a big bonus. There was a Ska band playing but they seemed to slow down all the songs, so we decided to sit around the campfire instead, and before we knew it it was gone midnight.

The next day was all about breakfast and getting back. It was another great weekend, and it was great to see our friends again. Planning is now in full swing for next year.

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