12 Days of Christmas

Being the busy bumble bees that we were in December, time simply flew by and before we knew it, Christmas was here!

As luck would have it, the weather was gloriously warm and sunny, and the whole aire took on a very festive atmosphere. We had stocked up on plenty of Christmas treats with a trip to the Carrefour and we were ready for a day at the aire.

We had also downloaded several Christmas films on Netflix but the weather was too nice to stay holed up inside, so we spent some time playing Jeu de Boules with some of our neighbours instead, and generally enjoying the sun! The films could wait til evening.

On Boxing Day, we finally made the trip to the Cueva del Tesoro. This is the only underwater cave in Europe, and one of only three in the world. It is just under €5 per ticket although there are usually some free tickets up for grabs if you visit early in the morning. (up to 60 people during first hour of opening). It was really great to see, and especially the chamber with the lake was stunning. There are some amazing rock formations to see as well.

In between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we decided to get some more chores done for our business ventures. We had designed some flyers and leaflets to advertise locally, and we were ready to get them printed. We found a very helpful printing company in Mijas Costa, so just before NYE we decided to take a trip in Ritzie to collect our brand new flyers.

As we’d been in la Cala del Moral for quite some time now, we decided to stay the night in la Cala de Mijas and make a proper trip of it. Once there we met some fun people who we really clicked with over some leisure battery engineering in the Mijas carpark, as you do… Pete and Julia were travelling through Spain looking for somewhere to make their home, but first they needed to get their leisure battery fixed! We ended up chatting and drinking coffee while Pete and Stuart got to grips with the leisure electrics. In the end, we were having such a nice time that we decided to stay and celebrate NYE in Mijas together.

We had a fab evening, with games of Ludo, wine, beer, snacks and fireworks at midnight (but not too loud or too long for Luna luckily!). A great end to 2019 and a great start to 2020! Happy New Year to you all!

Finally, following a well-deserved full English breakfast in Mijas, we made our way back to our little spot in la Cala del Moral for what was meant to be our last week there… But our plans would change again.

The first week of the 2020 was spent doing some more work for ourselves. Stuart was studying hard as his exam was coming up soon and we would be on our way to Torremolinos to be closer to Malaga Airport for Stuart to do his exams.

But first we had to wrap up the 12 days of Christmas in the Spanish way, with an elaborate Three King’s parade. We visited Malaga to see the parade which was beautiful on a massive scale. The floats were amazing, but the whole thing was so big and so busy that the atmosphere lacked a little in our opinion, especially when compared to Guadix last year. Even so, we really enjoyed seeing the parade. Malaga does not do things by halves!

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