‘Final’ touches

If you’ve ever owned a campervan, you will no that there is no such thing as ‘Final touches’ because you will always be adding something, or changing something or doing something else.

Our curtains weren’t ready to put up in time, ready for our Cheddar Gorge trip, so we relied on everyone else on the campsite to have their curtains shut… The next weekend however, we were ready to put them up.

We picked up some nice bedding, so we can sleep under a nice duvet rather than in a sleeping bag, and we worked to put the curtain rails in place.

Finally we can sleep in private.

I’m really pleased with our curtains. They were made by a lady called Sheila Walker, from ‘She Sews too’ who we found through facebook. The curtains are dubble-sided with a lining inside. They’re not completely blackout, but they keep the light out very well. You can choose pretty much any fabric, but we loved this one as we really like to keep a seaside, beach theme to the van.


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