Old Sarum Sunsets

We enjoyed our Cheddar Gorge trip so much that we decided to go away again the very next weekend. Just for 1 night, not too far, so we decided to go to Salisbury.

We booked into a CC&C site, at the foot of Old Sarum, which is one of my favourite places in the South.

The weather was superb this time, in stark contrast to the previous weekend.

We walked into Salisbury town to see the sights. It’s a lovely historic town, with lots of lovely old buildings and of course the Cathedral.

We also walked around Old Sarum. It almostĀ feels to me like a magical place, where you can still feel the hustle and bustle of many years past around you. There isn’t much left of the old fort, but there is enough to complete the picture yourself.

We enjoyed a lovely BBQ dinner whilst enjoying one of the most stunning sunsets. There really isn’t much more a person needs to relax.

We had a slow start the next day, before driving on to Winchester to meet some friends for a nice lunch.

Another great weekend in the van! If I still needed convincing that buying the van was a good idea, this was certainly the weekend to do it!

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