Our VDub Dog

It seems that often a campervan is just not complete without a VDub Dog! And we’re no different.

Our VDub Dog is Luna, who’s been with us for three years now, and we just can’t imagine life without her! Having a campervan means that we can holiday with Luna now, without having to find ‘dog-friendly’ accommodation.

Luna took to vanlife straight away! No trouble at all. She may have been a little unsure at first, but all the walks and adventures soon made up for it. Not to mention the opportunity to sleep on the RnR bed with us, as there’s very little we can do to stop her sneaking in at 3am in the morning…

Our RnR bed is even narrower than a standard 3/4 bed at 102cm, so space comes at a premium. But not for Luna… She will just get in between us and stretch out diagonally, leaving us squashed up against the sides.

She has boundless energy and gets excited when we go away in the van now. The only thing she doesn’t really like is cold or wet weather… But a hot water bottle soon makes up for that.


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